Why & How to Add Your Phone Number to Google Business: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Add Your Phone Number to Google Business

Add Your Phone Number To Google Business Listing “Adding your phone number can make a big difference for both customers and your business.” Here’s why:

Accessibility: Your phone number serves as the keystone for customer engagement with your business, offering them the fastest and easiest means of reaching you. People want food or services instantly when hungry or needy; not after endless clicks and forms have been completed.

Credibility: Establishing legitimacy: By adding a phone number to your business, adding legitimacy shows customers that you’re more than just a ghost in cyberspace and will trust businesses that can easily be reached out to.

Convenience: Imagine this from your customer’s point of view: they simply tap your number, and their phone dials it instantly – no need for them to memorize or write down any phone numbers; it’s like magic!

Customer Service: By making yourself available to customers with inquiries or feedback, it demonstrates an openness to questions, comments and ideas from visitors – something excellent customer service can turn them into loyal patrons of your establishment.

How to Add Your Phone Number to Google Business Search Results.

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Once we understand why it’s necessary, let’s focus on how to add your phone number to Google Business – it’s easier than teaching a dog how to fetch!

Step 1: Log into Google My Business (GMB).

Sign in to your Google My Business account if you don’t already. Don’t have one yet? No worries; creating one couldn’t be quicker or simpler!

Step Two: Locate Your Business

Once inside, simply locate your business listing; it should be as straightforward as searching the aisles in a supermarket for cereal!

Step 3: Navigate to the “Info” Tab

Click on the “Info” tab, where all of the key details of your business reside.

Step 4: Edit or Add Phone Numbers.

Head into your phone section and click the pencil icon; now, you can add or edit your phone number!

Step 5: Confirm Your Numbers (Optional Step).

Once you’ve submitted your phone number to Google, they may send out a code via text or voice call in order to validate it and ensure you’re not trying to take over the world with a robot invasion attempt. This step serves as Google’s way of making sure you’re not an infiltrator trying to control everything through technology.

Step 6: Save Your Changes

Don’t overlook this essential step – clicking “Apply” or “Save” will ensure your modifications have been saved successfully.

Step 7: Confirm Your Listing

Make sure that when listing your restaurant on Yelp or other directory listings, your phone number is listed accurately; otherwise customers might end up calling an unrelated pizza joint instead.

The Ending

Adding a phone number to your Google Business listing is a small yet important way to increase business. Doing this makes you accessible, credible and convenient for customers while being easy for you to do! So go ahead – add that phone number and watch it grow your business – don’t think of it just as another number; remember it serves a vital function in connecting you with those seeking services – happy dialing!


F.A.Qs About Registering Your Phone Number With Google Business.

Q1. Why should I add my phone number to my Google Business Listing?

A1: Listing your phone number on Google Business listings is essential for accessibility, credibility and customer convenience. By making it easier for potential customers to reach you and form relationships with you quickly, the more business and trust will result.

Q2: I want to add my phone number to my Google Business listing. How can I do that?

A2: To add your phone number, follow these simple steps:

Sign in to your Google My Business account, locate and select your business listing, go to the “Info” tab, click pencil icon next to “Phone” section to add or modify phone number if needed, verify if necessary and save any changes made.

Q3: Do I require a Google My Business account in order to add my phone number?

A3: Yes, in order to add or modify your phone number on a business listing you’ll require a Google My Business account. Creating one is straightforward on their website.

Q4: How soon can my phone number appear in Google Business Listing?

A4: After adding or editing your phone number and saving, it should appear on your Google Business listing almost instantly; however, please keep in mind that Google’s systems may need time to adjust across platforms.

Q5: Should I verify my phone number after adding it to my Google Business listing?

A5: Google may ask you to verify your phone number to ensure the accuracy of your listing and prevent misuse or incorrect information. Verifying can generally be completed through text message or phone call.

Q6: Can I add multiple phone numbers to my Google Business listing?

A6: Yes, multiple phone numbers may be added if your business requires multiple means of contact such as main and reservation lines. Just ensure they are relevant and accurate for your company’s operations.

Q7: What if I need to change my phone number later on?

A7: If you need to update the phone number on your Google Business listing, follow the same steps you used initially to add it: Navigating to “Info,” editing your number and saving changes.

Q8: Are there any fees associated with adding my phone number to Google Business?

A8: No additional charges apply when adding your phone number to Google Business. Google My Business is an offering from Google designed to enhance a company’s online presence and help businesses increase exposure online.

Q9: Can I delete my phone number from Google Business Listing later if I decide I no longer wish for it to appear there?

A9: Absolutely, at any time you can edit or remove a phone number from your Google Business listing. Simply follow the same steps you did when adding one and instead delete or change it accordingly.

Q10: Will my phone number become visible online when added to Google Business?

A10: Your phone number will only be visible to people who visit your Google Business listing; it won’t necessarily be seen across the wider internet unless shared elsewhere. Google respects your privacy by only showing it to people actively searching for more information about your business.

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