Emily Blunt Top 10 Movies To Watch: Let’s Explore Her Brilliant Career

Emily Blunt Top 10 Movies

Emily Blunt, the British actress best known for her talent, charm, and hilarious sense of humor, has graced the silver screen with some unforgettable performances over time. From action-packed thrillers to heartwarming comedies – Blunt’s versatility knows no limits! Join us as we count down the Emily Blunt Top 10 Movies that left us amazed.

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*1. The Devil Wears Prada (2006): Emily Blunt shines alongside Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway in this magnificent fashion flick, playing Emily, her sarcastic assistant who boasts an eye-catching wardrobe. Emily truly stands out as an unforgettable character!

*2. Edge of Tomorrow (2014): Who knew Emily Blunt could be such an irreverent badass? In this sci-fi extravaganza, she plays Rita Vrataski – an anti-alien warrior with an eye for fashion battling aliens – so don’t miss seeing Blunt donning an exosuit! If you haven’t seen it already – don’t miss it.

*3. The Girl on the Train (2016): Emily is cast as a woman caught up in an intricate web of deceit, similar to Clue but with more train rides and less candlesticks. Join her as she uncovers the truth while keeping you on edge!

*4. A Quiet Place (2018): Blunt joins her real-life husband John Krasinski for this psychological thriller where silence reigns supreme and monsters lurk. Who knew nails could be so terrifying?! Blunt’s performance is nothing short of breathtaking.

*5. Mary Poppins Returns (2018): Emily Blunt returns as Mary Poppins with gusto in this delightful sequel, donning the iconic shoes with charm and panache like no one else could have done before her. Emily seems ideally cast for this role that fits like an exquisite suit jacket.

*6. The Adjustment Bureau (2011): Emily Blunt stars in this mind-bending romantic thriller as Elise, caught between fate and free will. Reminiscent of an online dating app run by mysterious men wearing suits – The Adjustment Bureau provides an unconventional romance.

*7. Looper (2012): Emily Blunt stars alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis in this time travel adventure that will have you questioning the space-time continuum. She plays Emily as her shotgun-wielding mother – nothing says “protect your children” like time travel!

*8. Sunshine Cleaning (2008): Emily Blunt stars in this indie gem as an unconventional crime scene cleaner alongside Amy Adams, in a film filled with humor, heart, and the messiest situations imaginable.

*9. Sicario (2015): Blunt stars as an FBI agent involved with Mexican drug cartels in this gripping thriller, showing us that justice can often take an unpredictable path that’s worth traveling down even when there may be unexpected turns and twists along the way.

*10. The Young Victoria (2009): Emily Blunt plays Queen Victoria as a young queen in this historical drama starring an ensemble cast that includes corsets, crowns and political intrigue – who knew history could be so captivating?

No doubt about it: Emily Blunt’s filmography is as delightful and eclectic as her British accent. From comic relief to nail-biting action scenes, Blunt shines bright in every role she takes on. If you need some cinematic magic in your life, watch these top 10 Emily Blunt movies for some cinematic entertainment and let Emily lead the way into an amazing journey through film! Cheers to Emily Blunt as the queen of silver screen!

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